We Can Deliver Up To 30 Leads Per Month

Who Is Your Prospect?

Let’s identify them, profile them, and understand their persona.

What Is The End Goal?

What kind of business are you trying to generate from leads? How long does this process typically take? How big are the best deal sizes?

What Marketing Do You Currently Do?

Let’s understand where email marketing will fit into your ecosystem. What other marketing are you doing? What has worked well? What hasn’t worked well?

Building Your Email Campaign

We’ll design a 3-step email campaign designed to generate opens, clicks and responses.

Award Winning Copy

We’re a team with 20 million+ Quora views, SEMRush top-rated blogs & more. 1 million+ emails sent.

Split Testing

We’ll build multiple email campaigns to see which delivers the best results. We’ll then optimise based upon what generates the highest returns!

Why Cold Outreach Could 10x Your Business

Sack your sales guys. Just have inbound account managers! Focus on closing and not on outreach – let us build your pipeline. 10x your business and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

Understanding your target client, their mind set, and the offering is always the first place that we start. From here we can begin to scope out an appropriate campaign.

How Do You Generate The Leads?

We use a combination of cold email campaigns and linkedIn to generate leads across our team to ensure we can obtain the best returns possible for you. We make sure email deliverability, copy, targeting, and LinkedIn approaches are spot on and we adjust as we learn which is all critical to the success of generating leads.

How Quickly Can I Expect Results?

This is where we can come into our own. We can expect to start generating results for you within 72 hours of the launch of the campaign; in many cases this can even be seen within 48 hours.

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