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Why is InfyOne Different to Other Lead Generation Services?


Lead generation services are everywhere. Just Google the term and you’ll be presented with page after page of company listings. So what makes InfyOne different?


Our Process


Our process is different because nothing is set in stone.


There is no “one size fits all” plan when approaching lead generation. Today there are more methods than ever to target and track your prospective customers and every business needs its own unique lead generation plan.


Our team brings the expertise and resources to execute strategies that will be most effective for each client. No boxes to tick, not set methodologies. Campaigns are tweaked and optimized continuously to increase the volume and quality of the leads we generate.


Our primary focuses – in terms of lead gen – are SEO and B2B – or B2C – outreach. But, in all honesty, we have a team that is diverse and experienced enough in every facet of digital marketing that we’ll take on almost anything if it makes sense as a part of the unique lead generation strategy we create for you.


Our Results


Are we the perfect lead gen company that has never experienced failure? Absolutely not. Are we a company our core clients love, trust and remain loyal to because we are open, direct and honest? You bet. Have we learned from every mistake? Totally. Can we convey everything we want to say here in a few paragraphs? Maybe, but watch – and listen to this – as the firecracker that is InfyOne founder and managing director Shreekanth breaks down the reasons to work with us in the vibrant, no-nonsense style that’s his trademark and the driving force behind everything we do:

Our Approach


Ever seen those company websites that are full of stock images and inspiring quotes about business? That are full of jargon and buzzwords and vague promises about a secret sauce formula that’s going to rocket your business’ bottom line into the stratosphere? Overnight! Top of the first page of Google! 99 times out of 100 it’s all BS. And we don’t do BS.


What we do do is promise that every resource we have, every little bit of ‘insider knowledge’, every last drop of the collective decades worth of knowledge and experience our team possesses – and more – will be poured into your campaign to produce the tangible results – and the very real leads – you’re looking for.


How Do You Charge?


Most lead gen companies charge per lead generated. Some – the good ones – will charge you up to £100 per lead. Some – the iffy ones – will charge you as ‘little’ as £30. For that, you’ll get an email, maybe a phone number and a hearty ‘good luck’ to your sales team as they then head off to close the deal.


InfyOne doesn’t work like that. We work on retainer and to be honest when you hear that the upfront cost might be two thousand pounds a month, that can sound a little pricey. Compared to £100 a lead.


But let’s do some maths here. £2000/100 = 20 leads. And we plan to get you a lot more than 20 leads in a month.


Then there’s everything else. We don’t have a set system for every client. Different strokes for different folks and all that. To generate the best leads for you we may need to help you fix SEO issues on your website. And off your website.


We may also need to boost your social presence. Clean up your existing email lists. Create better content. Create new content. Boost your ‘rep’ with the Big G (Google of course) in terms of your Google Business listings (a big deal believe us)


InfyOne offers a lot more than a few emails and phone numbers at the end of the month. We just don’t make a huge deal of it by giving ourselves a fancier title like ‘marketing agency’ because all of these ‘extras’ are a part of our lead generation service, the primary focus of everything we do.


Need more convincing? Here’s Shreekanth again:

Who Are You Guys Anyway?


Jedis. Lead generation Jedis. Or that’s what we’d like to think.


We’re actually a very diverse team – led by the ultramarathon running, TEDx speaking, coffee guzzling workaholic dynamo that is Shreekanth. Some of us are in the UK. Some of us are from the UK but exiled in the US. Some of us are from the US and quite happy about it. Some of us are in India. All of us are from Earth.


The full-time team is a small one – relatively speaking – although you’d never know it from the volume of work we can produce. When we need extra help we go out and get it and make sure it’s the best (because Shreekanth, like Lord Sugar, is as good at saying ‘You’re Fired’ as he is at ‘You’re Hired’ if a team member just isn’t up to par) We have huge and varied experience and training to bring to the table. Oh heck, let’s just let Shreekanth explain again:

OK, So Now What? How Do We Get Started?


Call Shreekanth. Or email him. Reach out. He’d love to talk to you. And answer any – and every – other questions you might have. Most of all we all want to get the conversation started about YOU and what we can do for your business to ensure you succeed.

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